015: Swift [and selects]

Sorry Mr. Swift but there’s no radio

That likes to play the songs of your lowest sorrow

Just sing us a jingle and we’ll float you some bread

And all it’ll cost you is your heart and your head

Sorry Mr. Swift but you’re much too fat

And could I persuade you just to wear a cap?

I hope you forgive me and I hope you forget

The hurt that I’ve caused ya that you can’t feel yet

Sorry Mr. Swift I know times are tough

We all have plenty still we don’t have enough

I know it’s not funny so I try not to smile

We made you believe that we were worth your while

Sorry everybody for the things I said

Got a wife and kids and a gun to my head

So try to remember, try to hold it near

My name will go missing but the songs will be here

No don’t you feel sorry for I must pay my debts

Still feel like I’m losing but I’m placing my bets

 - Richard Swift [1977-2018] “Artist & Repertoire”, 2007.

Photographs by Michael Todaro, iPhone, New York City, 2019.

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