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Me Myself And I

I am a music and editorial photographer living in New York City.

I've been stepped on, punched, kicked, landed on, spit on, bled on, and high fived all in the quest to make an image someone will like 50 years from now. 

I've photographed Bernie and Hillary, Snoop and BB King, and everyone from Mayors in small apartments pitching their politics to bloody wrestlers in strip club parking lots, and a bunch of musicians who you've never heard of, but probably should have. I would love to add you to that list.

I've used Canon, Nikon, Sony (before they were cool), Fuji (after they were cool) and a bunch of other stuff. 

I love talking about old school pro wrestling, 90's Christian music, memes, and I probably eat too much at gas stations. I will beat you at air hockey.

But enough about me, let's link and drink iced coffee.


email :: [email protected]

phone :: 717-460-3980

twitter :: @michaeltodaro

instagram :: @michaeltodaro

youtube :: @michaeltodaro

fax :: lol yeah right 

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