Me myself and I

I'm a photographer living in New York City available for music, portraits, documentary, product, advertising work or just general hangs to talk about world domination, old school pro wrestling, 90's Christian music, and the never ending Wawa vs Sheetz war. But enough about me, let's link up and drink iced coffee. I want to hear your story.

Boring Gear Info session (nerd alert)

Nikon bodies and glass, Fuji x100 for fun, Holga for weirdness. Lights with Profoto and a little Broncolor. Lightroom in the streets, Capture One in the sheets. Apple everything else. 


email ::

phone :: 717-460-3980

twitter :: @michaeltodaro

instagram :: @michaeltodaro

youtube :: @michaeltodaro

fax :: lol yeah right 

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