Michael Todaro is a portrait and editorial photographer based in Manhattan.

He was born in the beautifully chaotic timeframe known as the 80s. A childhood was spent running the back alleys of Pennsylvania dressed as a Ghostbuster, attempting to solve neighborhood crimes like his hero Robocop, and wondering about the broken SLR in his mother’s china cabinet. 

He eventually discovered the joys of disposable cameras his teens, securing his first paid photography gigs shooting for small professional wrestling shows in the late 90s on Kodak Funsavers. His creative endeavors were sidetracked by the enticing career options of the corporate ladder, until one boring meeting in Philadelphia, after which he put his two weeks in and bought his first 'real' camera and has been taking pictures ever since in pursuit of a frame that matter. 

Michael and his wife moved to New York City with their two rabbits in 2018.


email :: michael@michaeltodaro.com

phone :: 717-460-3980

instagram :: @michaeltodaro 

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