001: A blog [and Liza Colby Sound]

[Originally written on Sunday, November 18, 2018, but Tumblr was being a dick then I got distracted. You didn’t know you missed it so it’s ok.]

I always think “I should have blogged during that period of my life” and never “I am going to blog during this period of my life.” This is an attempt to remedy that. 

I’m three months into a numerous year stint in New York. I don’t necessarily know how long I’ll be here, or what I am even doing here. I’m here to take pictures and see if that’s a thing I’m either good at, or even like doing. My wife is going to college, which is the main reason I moved and will be hanging around for bit. While I’m here, I guess I’ll try to figure out what I am, besides for a workaholic and bastardized persona made up of 1/3rd populist plagiarism, 1/3rd poor imitation for peer pressure success and a 1/3rd a truly unique blend of confidence, arrogance, empathy and humor. 

I’m gonna to pound out some words every weekend. Preferably every Saturday. No one posts shit on Saturday on the internet, because we are so algorithmed out in our lives that we ignore the audience of the bored people who wake up early on Saturday mornings. This blog is for you, my brothers and sisters whose friends are sleeping, and those are intimidated by starting a Netflix binge on such short notice. For the 7 of you, know I stand with you, and will try to give you content until you start figuring out your next excuse to not put on real pants this morning.

Anywhos, here’s some pictures of Liza Colby Sound [11/20/2018, Berlin Under A, Manhattan]

NL: Patti Smith Group “Radio Ethiopia”

NW: NXT Takeover WarGames

NR: Fear, by Bob Woodward. Admittingly, I’ve stalled out for a bit on this, since THE WORLD FUCKING SUCKS and I’m at a breaking point with Trump’s utter incompetence. But I will finish, cause I’m just that kind guy.

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